how it works


simple, fast and secure process

MyGoodbyeMessage service is exceptionally easy to use, with self-explained and interactive user interface that guides you through the process of creating and updating messages, adding contacts, managing gallery of attachment files and keeping track of your payments and balance. Cycles of message delivery postponing require minimum of your time and effort, while at the same time privacy of your letters and security of your data is taken care of with extreme prudence.

From becoming our proud member, through creating wonderful letters that will carry your thoughts and emotions, to delivery of the messages to your friends and family, MyGoodbyeMessage service follows a couple of easy steps.

Step 1

To start your membership, just enter your e-mail address (it will serve as your username), choose password and enter the date of birth. It's that easy! Confirmation mail will be sent to you to make sure everything is right, and as soon as it is confirmed, you will be ready to create your first letter.

Every new MyGoodbyeMessage member can send one message free of charge. This complimentary message can be sent to anyone, but only to one recipient. It is there to help you get familiar with the process and to test all the wonderful features of our service.
Step 2

It is now time to write some letters. We did our best to provide you with the opportunity not only to express your thoughts and emotions through words, but also to emphasize them with one of our beautiful message themes consisting of original backgrounds, matching colors and selection of various fonts. You can even attach images, audio, video and documents to every message.

Step 3

Of course, you will want to send letters to your friends and family. Every letter can be addressed to one or more people, at no additional cost. MyGoodbyeMessage allows you to add unlimited number of contacts. Contacts will be kept in your personal address book so you can update and use them at will.

Step 4

After you have written one or more letters, they will stay as draft messages for as long as you like. You can always go back and change something, upload more attachments, or add recipients. However, once ready, you'll have to activate letters, because only active messages will be delivered when the time comes.

Step 5

As soon as the predefined period of time expires, you will get a simple notification message. With just a single click inside the message, you will be able to postpone message delivery and start a new cycle. Don't worry, if you miss the first notification, we will send you additional ones every couple of days, depending on your personalized settings.

Step 6

The cycle of notifications and delivery date extensions will be repeated for as many times as needed. As long as you decide to delay delivery, letters will be safely kept and protected by us. If you think cycle interval length or number of additional notifications is not adequate, there is nothing easier than changing settings at any moment, or even manually extending the cycle.

Step 7

When you decide not to delay the delivery, or for some reason you are not able to repeat the extension cycle, all your active letters will be sent to their respective recipients. We will still care about your privacy and emotions, as well as the feelings of your loved ones. Every message is protected by a password known only to the recipient, and they will be advised that the content of letter may be disturbing for them.

That's all. So easy, so fast, so secure. Do not hesitate, act now and signup up for your free membership.

pay only once

The best thing about MyGoodbyeMessage is that you pay only once per message. There is no limitation in the number of recipients or message length. When you have second thoughts about any particular message, even an active one, you can easily make it deactivated, and then rethought, reorganized, rewritten and readdressed as needed. Once ready again, the same message can be reactivated at no additional cost.


when to use

MyGoodbyeMessage is for everyone. We cannot be certain what will happen next, and we are not able to predict life. However, with MyGoodbyeMessage we can make sure everything we have to say will be said to our loved ones, families and friends.

Did you ever want to say something to someone but couldn’t gather strength to do it? Do you have to go to a medical treatment? Are you of a certain age? Does your job carry some level of risk? Do you plan to join the army? Do you think about your family all the time? MyGoodbyeMessage is right for you, too.