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your personal digital time capsule

MyGoodbyeMessage is an online, interactive service that gives you the opportunity to write personal letters to be delivered either after a predefined period of time, or when you are prevented to delay the delivery.

It works in cycles of customizable periods of time. After a cycle is completed, you will be notified a couple of times to use our service to postpone the delivery and to start a new cycle. If you decide not to extend the delivery time, or if for some reason you are not able to do it, each of your letters will be delivered to its respective recipients. Every letter can be addressed to one or more people, and there is no limitation in number of messages.

This is not just a convenience to send messages when you are no longer around - MyGoodbyeMessage is much more. It is your personal digital time capsule. Leave a mark, express your thoughts, emotions, achievements and everything you want people to hear. Emphasize it by selecting message theme with beautiful backgrounds, colors and fonts. Give it a completely new dimension by adding multimedia and documents to each letter.

Everyone should use MyGoodbyeMessage to make sure something is left behind, something that may make the difference for their loved ones.


about atamagai

MyGoodbyeMessage has been developed and maintained by Atamagai LLC, a team of experienced IT professionals.

At Atamagai, we work hard to develop creative and intelligent solutions for everyday problems by combining new technologies for web and mobile platforms with proven solutions taken from real life. Thus, we are able to provide great experience for our users, wrapped in visually appealing package.

Our focus is mainly on products and services for new age of connected devices. We develop advanced HTML5 web solutions backed up with various server-side technologies.